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Typhoon International is a real estate investing company that provides a real, tangible system for those who want to create long term wealth in real estate.  Typhoon International provides all the resources and tools necessary for any investor to succeed, no matter how humble their beginnings.  Your success is our success.

  • Typhoon International buys many properties every month.  We allow real estate investors the ability to buy properties at wholesale prices – giving them a unique opportunity to “buy right”.
  • Typhoon International will finance not only the purchase of our investors wholesale properties, but we will finance the rehabilitation of those properties.
  • Typhoon International offers mentorship and coaching for new real estate investors to ensure their success.
  • Typhoon International offers Rent to Own properties for those who may be new to the US, or maybe have had a little bad luck.  We offer a chance for people who would not get approved by a bank for a mortgage to own their own home.
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