TYPHOON INTERNATIONAL is a Real Estate Investment company which has many products and services designed for Real Estate Investors off all means and experiences.

WHOLESALE PROPERTIES; We buy houses in bulk every month. This allows us to buy at superior prices, and pass those savings along to our customers, allowing you the best chance of success on your real estate project. These homes need some TLC, and are typically fixer uppers, and handyman specials!

CASH FLOW PROPERTIES: Real Estate Investing Made Easy! These properties have existing tenants and long term lease contracts with double digit rates of return!

NOTE MARKETPLACE Long term Mortgage Notes for sale with double digit rates of returns!

FINANCING: We finance our wholesale properties, so you can focus your investment dollars on the renovation and rehab!

REO: Bulk Real Estate Buying. Take advantage of our buying power, and purchase multiple units at amazing prices!

REAL ESTATE CLASSES Affordable training for our vauled customers. REO buyers can take advantage of our training on our Wealth Creation System, and focus their investment dollars on buying houses and creating Wealth! Your Success is Our Success!

Typhoon International is a real estate investing company that provides a real, tangible system for those who want to create long term wealth in real estate.  Typhoon International provides all the resources and tools necessary for any investor to succeed, no matter how humble their beginnings.  Your success is our success.

Why Typhoon?

A Typhoon is a force of nature.  It starts as a small tropical depression and slowly but surely turns into an entity that is completely unstoppable.

Our Wealth Creation System which combines our offering of wholesale properties, with private financing for our customers gives us an advantage over every other real estate investing company.

We have created an engine that will allow hard working people who want to make a better life for their family.  We believe this will turn them into long term customers for our products.

By simply using the systems and resources provided by Typhoon International, anybody who is willing to work hard can start their own Typhoon.

Our Typhoon Wealth Creation System gives any potential investor the ability to created a new standard of living for their families.

We also have our “real estate made easy” cash flow properties which have long term tenants in place.  You just simply take possession of the property and start making double digit cash flow!

Typhoon International does many hundreds of real estate transactions every year.  We are the experts, and are here to help you become one!

Take the first step today, and contact one of our real estate investing experts, who can help you get started on your path to financial freedom!  There has never been a better time to get started!